Ask Me Anything

(Always feel free to ask. Rest assured, I always feel free to duck questions I don’t know how to answer. Remember, I was once an Elementary School teacher…)

Today’s blog post inspired by a suggestion here in Mamakat’s Writing Workshop.



Frequently Asked Questions




How did you come up with the title of this blog?

Lack of creativity.  I knew that I wanted to write about anything I wanted to at any time on my blog.  That’s how I chose the word “random”.  The word “musings” sounded more sophisticated than the word “thoughts”.   My first name is actually “Helen”.

How did you pick your twitter name?  

Well, some people think my name in Helena Trandom.   Those people are wrong.  Helenatrandom  stands for Helen at Random Musings.  I left off the word “musings” because one only gets 140 characters per tweet to work with on the twitter, and just that costs 12 letters.

At one time, you did in depth interviews with yourself on your blog.  Why has it been such a long time since you’ve done another?

I am hard to get hold of, and when I can get hold of me, I find myself difficult to work with.  I behave like a diva, actually, and I find catering to me to be exhausting.

Remember when you did your “Twik or Tweet” posts all through the month of October?  Why only one this year?

I only received one comment on my last “Twik or Tweet” post.  This person isn’t on twitter, and found the post perplexing.   It seemed to me that people have lost interest in “Twik or Tweet”.

Speaking of the Twitter, you don’t seem to be on the twitter as much anymore.  Why not?

Well, the good news is, my doctor tweaked my thyroid meds. and I have a lot more energy.  The bad news is that I get carried away doing other things now and spend a lot less time on line.

If you could paint a room in your house any color, what color would you choose?


Why don’t you paint a room lilac, then?

As soon as a room needs a paint job, I will.

What is your favorite movie quote?

“Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts! Before we begin our banquet, I would like to say a few words. and here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! Thank you!”‘   Albus Dumbledore in his opening speech to Hogwart students in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Obviously there is more to me than this.  What questions do you think I should answer in an FAQ page?


7 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything

    • Great question! I was rifted due to low enrollment, and my mom was ill at the time. We decided that instead of placing her in a Nursing Home, I would stay home and take care of her, so I didn’t look for a job until years later after she passed. I haven’t found one yet.

  1. I also took care of my ailing mother for 6 years, I look back on it as a blessing even though it was hard at the time. I am sure you are like me and do not regret one minute of it. No questions right now….maybe later.

    • I’m very glad that I had the opportunity to spend more time with her, and let her know every day she was home that she was loved and valued. :-)

  2. Wait…your name isn’t Helena Trandom? It’s like I don’t even know you…

    Here’s my question: Would you wear a bejewled Forever Lazy to the grocery store? And if yes, can I come with?