We Are the Light in a Secular World!





of or pertaining to worldly things or to things that are notregarded as religious, spiritual, or sacred; temporal: secularinterests.


not pertaining to or connected with religion ( opposed to sacred): secular music.


(of education, a school, etc.) concerned with nonreligioussubjects.
I don’t believe in a secular world.  I believe Matthew 5:14.   It is up to us to transform the world into something sacred.  That doesn’t mean that I think we should be formulaic or overbearing.  We should be prayerful and listen to the Holy Spirit.  Sometimes the Holy Spirit lets us know that a person’s heart isn’t ready for the whole of the Gospel.  But we need to let the Spirit lead us to transform a “secular” world into a the Kingdom of God.


(I do not know the lady in the video below, but I love how she sings one of my favorite hymns!)

6 thoughts on “We Are the Light in a Secular World!

  1. I agree that our world is a mix of secular and religious. Our behaviour must please the Lord, but it is not wrong to participate in secular music, movies, books, sports and activities that are wholesome. We must be gentle as we share the gospel and allow our light to shine out into our world. May we always allow God to do the changing of our secular reach, for we are helpless to change anyone. Lovely post and song.

    • I agree with you completely. I didn’t mean to imply that I only watch “Christian” movies or read “Christian” books, etc. I also agree that we need to be gentle when sharing the Gospel. People hurt in ways that are beyond our understanding, and put up barriers in ways we can not know. Only the gentleness of the Holy Spirit can penetrate even the most permeable heart.

  2. Yes, we are called to bring restoration and express His redemption in every area of life and society. It all flows from our relationship with Him as we’re led by the Holy Spirit. Thanks Helen!

    • Very true! It does flow from our relationship with Him! Just like no one who has ever spoken to me for more than five minutes hasn’t figured out that I’m happily married (even though my wedding and engagement ring are still a few weeks away from fitting again…), it shouldn’t be a puzzle worthy of Pat from Saturday Night Live back in the day to figure out that I love God and hope to please Him in some small way each day…

  3. We need to be the light, I agree. The hard part is being sensitive to the direction of the Lord, knowing when to move along serve the others for the Lord and when to pull back and focus only on the Lord, resting in Him. We live in a challenging day and age… but Jesus seemed to, also.

    • Joanne I read the press release of your prayer vigil for violent neighborhoods where a murder has been committed. I do know that prayer changes things and it is apparent that a difference has been made in these secular neighborhoods.